Food Vocabulary: Quiz + Cooking Verbs

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Vocabulary made fun!

★ Learn or practice vocabulary about food and the most common cooking verbs! Great for intermediate students and onwards, teens and adults!

★ Great for both group and individual lessons, I’ve used them with students face-to-face and online, adults have loved it, too!

★ Easily insert the pictures to make a Power Point Presentation!

Food Quiz
✓8 png conversation cards to brainstorm vocabulary related to food in general.
✓ 1 pdf file for printing the cards in a smaller version (4 cards per A4 sheet).
Cooking Verbs
✓ 16 png cards, each with the name and picture of a cooking verb (melt, sprinkle, roll, squeeze, stir, etc.)
✓ 1 pdf printable file for printing and cutting out the cards in a smaller version (4 cards per A4 sheet)

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