ESL Conversation: LOVE & DATING (Adults!)

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Set of 20 cards to trigger conversation about love & dating

✿ Great for intermediate to advanced students, in particular for adults as some questions are quite deep or about adult topics such as marriage!
✿ When working individually/online, a good idea is to number your cards and let the student pick/guess some of them to work with!
✿ Very easy to work with, both online and in face-to-face lessons!
✿ BrE Spelling

Included in the .zip file:
Conversation Cards
★ 20 jpg conversation cards on love and dating.
★ 2 PDF printable file for printing and cutting out the cards in a smaller version (4 cards per A4 sheet, 2 pdf with 10 cards each).
★2 pdf files with the 10 questions on one page each (easier to use as a questionnaire, board game, etc.)
★2 pdf files with the 10 questions on one page each (on white background, easier for printing).

✎You could also use the images to quickly make a PowerPoint presentation!

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